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Guide to ShopJ2.com Online Store Experience

  J2 Business Products loves the online store shopping experience and would like to make it as streamlined as possible for you. Here are some tips and some of our favorite features explained. Quick Order is a quick and efficient way to place orders if you know the item numbers for the products you’re purchasing. […]

User Manuals

When shopping around on shopj2op.com, you have access to some of the products User Manuals. To access the user manual, click the icon that says User Manual under the photo of the item. The user manual link is great if you have misplaced the user manual that was delivered with the item when you purchased it. Keep in mind, […]

Items Recently Purchased Feature

This useful feature allows you to view purchased items for the past 180 days. You can easily view the quantity & the last date the item was purchased. On the Items Recently Purchased page, you can filter the list by order or item number within a range of 1 to 180 days. An additional popup window […]

Printing Invoices Online

You are able to view order history, generate invoice copies, and view credits using the Order History feature. Order History is accessible from the My Accounts menu. If you do not see the invoice that you are looking for on the initial History page, there is also a Search tab, which allows you to narrow down your […]

Recycled Products

As you are shopping for office products in J2 Office Products online store, take note of the recycled symbol, it indicates items that are manufactured with recycled content.  If you wish to dig deeper into the recycled content per item that information (if available) can be found on the Technical Specs tab, under Miscellaneous. You can also […]

Favorites Lists

Favorites Lists are a great way to curate items that you frequently purchase. J2 Office Products shopping website makes creating and managing favorites lists super easy. Upon logging in you will find a link the top menu, and within that menu a list of all the favorites lists you have set up, and the Manage […]

Quick Order Feature

  One of my favorite features of our online ordering site is the ‘Quick Order’ Feature. Found at the top of the screen, it is the second menu item from the left, and I highly recommend checking it out. It is especially useful for those of you who regularly purchase items and you know the […]

Saved Orders Feature

You are running low on office supplies. Again! Does it feel as though you are shopping for the same items all the time? More toner for your printer, more file folders, more sticky notes. I have developed this really handy trick, using the Saved Orders Feature. To begin, fill your shopping cart with the items […]

Items Recently Viewed

Over on www.J2op.com there are some exciting things happening. More updates and improvements! One I’m really excited about is the fact that you are now able to see the items you have recently viewed on the sidebar. It is helpful if you need to reorder an item that has been recently purchased, or doing research and […]

Discover the Similar Products Tab

  On most products, you will find, under the item description and add to cart button, there is a Similar Products tab. It is a great location to find items that may be a little less expensive or a different size. It is a great place to look if you can’t find exactly what you […]

Save your Credit Card

For a speedy checkout, you can save your credit card on our online ordering site. First log in to J2op1.com Under My Accounts, drop down to Manage Credit Cards. In the Credit Card Editor, choose your card type from the drop down box. Type the card number in the Card Number field. Enter the expiration […]

I want one in every color – Similar Products Feature

Yes, sometimes you just love something that much, you have to get it in every color. We have a great way for you to easily add one of every color to your shopping cart. The similar products feature displays the other colors available for purchase. Click here to shop.  

Reprinting Invoices Online

You get your statement in the mail, and you can’t find any of the invoices! What next? You can give us a call! Or you can login to your account online, view & print from there! Here are step by step instructions to retrieving invoices from your order history. On the main menu, go to […]

Pay Invoices Online

Have you used our new online website yet? We are loving it! If you need to request a login to get shopping, click here! Below are step-by-step instructions on how to pay invoices online, so you can get earning points on your credit card!   From the main Menu, Select My Accounts –> Pay Invoices Select […]

Recent Rollouts

Click here to explore the recent features of our new webstore!

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