Ergonomic Allsteel Scout Chair

  • A suspension mesh back design regulates temperature for long-term comfort and promotes healthy sitting and
    back support.
  • A broad offering of colors and patterns.
  • A fitting selection for a private office or conference applications.
  • Comfort, quality, and contemporary design. Everything you want, at a price you can afford.
  • Steel back frame and die-cast aluminum arm uprights provide exceptional quality.
  • Simple levers that are easy to find, understand and use.
  • Adjustable arms, back, and seat ensure proper fit for every size.
  • Attractive, thin-profile design blends well into any office environment.
Ergonomic Allsteel Scout Chair
Ergonomic Allsteel Scout Chair

Scout unites simplicity with high-performing functionality. With the right blend of function and style, Scout offers exceptional value. A slim, sleek back profile is designed to be both contemporary and comfortable, combining modern aesthetics and versatile functionality. Its durable construction was developed to withstand active environments while accommodating multiple workstyles. Scout is a simple solution for any office application.


Suspension mesh back helps regulate temperature while upholstered models provide design flexibility.

Simplicity Meets Comfort

Simple levers are easy to find, understand, and use resulting in a comfortable seat.

Contemporary Styling

Scout’s attractive, thin-profile design blends well into any office environment, from the workstation to the conference room.


Mesh Back

Overall Dimensions H38¾”-43″ W 26½” D 25″
Seat Dimensions H17″-21¼” W19″ D16″-18¼”
Back Dimensions H23¼” W183 ⁄8″
Adjust. Arms Dimensions H67⁄8″-10¾” W 17½”-20¼” D10¾”-11¾”
Loop Arms Dimensions H8¾” W19″ D13″
Back-to-Seat Angle 95°-110°
Lumbar Dimension H8″

Upholstered Back

Overall Dimensions H38¾”-43″ W 26½” D25″
Seat Dimensions H17″-21¼” W 19″ D15¾”-18″
Back Dimensions H24″ W18½”
Adjust. Arms Dimensions H67⁄8″-10¾” W17½”-20¼” D101⁄8″-113⁄8″
Loop Arms Dimensions H8¾” W19″ D13″
Back-to-Seat Angle 95°-110°
Lumbar Dimension H8″

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