Ergonomic Allsteel Acuity Chair

  • An ergonomic allsteel acuity chair to ensure your comfort and safety.
  • Weight-activated mechanism responds to body weight providing the ideal amount of support.
  • Eight-way positioning lets you type, talk, or slip the arms out of your way for easy getup and go.
  • A mesh back mirrors the spine, providing an ergonomic fit to the shoulders and lumbar simultaneously and continuously.
  • A customized, hybrid cushion ensures comfort immediately when you sit and after hours at your desk.
Ergonomic Allsteel Acuity Chair
Ergonomic Allsteel Acuity Chair

“When designing Acuity, we began by building a team. Ergonomists. Physical therapists. Researchers. And Bruce Fifield of Milan-based Design Continuum Italia to lead the design. Then we watched so we could learn. We examined what people need from their chairs. We scrutinized every detail. And we created a chair to instantly and comfortably fit every user. A chair that adapts to you, not the other way around.” – Allsteel

  • Intuitive Controls

    Simple, up-front adjustments in combination with AcuFit™, a weight-activated mechanism, supports you and the task at hand.

  • Where Research And Design Meet

    Our team of research and design experts studied the way humans interact with seating and designed a chair that effortlessly adapts to the user.

Overall Dimensions H 41″- 46½”      W 261/8″      D 25″
Seat Dimensions H 16¾”-21¾”      W 19″      D 15½”-18½”
Back Dimensions H 25½”      W 16″
Adjustable Arm Dimensions H 7″-11″      W 12½”-20½”      D 8¼”-13¼”
Fixed Arm Dimensions H 9″      W 19¾”      D 113/8″
Lumbar Dimension H 8¾”
Back-to-Seat Angle 93.5º-111º

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