My Accounts

Once logged in you can access a variety of information related to your account, including: order history, items recently purchased and saved orders.

  1.  Hover your mouse over My Accounts my accounts
  2.  Select Order History to see your department’s order history
    This feature allows you to view your past orders. You can browse the History tab to view in order of most recent to least.To search by Item Number, Purchase Order Number of Invoice Number select the Search tab.
  3.  Select Items Recently Purchased
    This feature allows you to view purchased items for the past 180 days. You can easily view the quantity and the last date the item was purchased.On this page, you can filter the list by order or item number within a range of 1 to 180 days.

    An additional popup window lets you view the purchased item’s date, order number, item quantity, price and account/department for the last five orders.

  4. Saved OrdersThis feature allows you to view and order your saved orders. This is useful if you have a recurring order.Once you select the saved order you can copy it to purchase again and/or make edits to the order.

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