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At J2 Business Products we do more than sell you a desk or chair. We offer many services so you can be certain you are getting exactly the right furniture to maximize productivity in your office.

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Space planning is one of the services we provide to ensure that you are utilizing your space in the most efficient and effective way for your business needs. At J2 we have cutting edge technology that allows us to draw your office plans and show you a 3D tour of the office space so you can get a better feel of the products, sizing, and colors before you commit to them.

repair iconOur experienced installation crew will work with you and your schedule to make sure that the transition to your new office furniture is convenient and with few disruptions to your productivity.

Should the furniture malfunction or break in any way our installation crew is very handy, they will come out to inspect the imperfection, order the proper parts and do the repairs to get you back in working order.

We understand that life is always changing and your business needs are also. Many of the manufacturers we work with manufacture their products with reconfiguration in mind. At J2 we would love to help you utilize the resources you currently have to create configurations that work for your growing office.


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meet ron


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