Skip over the quick search by keeping a list of your favorite items so they are easy to re-order.

  1.  Hover your mouse over Favorites
  2. Select Manage Favorites Listsfavorites
  3. Once on the Favorites List Management page you can create new lists, view Favorites Lists and add favorite items to an order.
  4.   To create a new Favorites List, select Manage Favorites Listsa. At the Favorites List Management screen select Create New List
    b. At the Create New Favorites List screen, type the name of the list and any comments then select Save
    c. At the Favorites List Management screen, select Add/Edit Items for the list you’d like to editfavorites1
    d. At the Edit Favorites List Items screen, type the entire item number (ie. SAN30001)in the Item # field and click Enterfavorites2e. The item will be added

    f. If the item number has changed, you will be prompted to select the alternate item

  5.  If you would like to remove an item from your favorites list:
    a. Browse to Manage Favorites Lists
    b. Click Add/Edit Items on the list you’d like to remove the item(s) from
    c. Find the item you are going to remove
    d. Click the red X on the line item

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