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Meet Mimeo

    The Mimeo chair supports the changing workplace by enabling unrestricted movement and cross-functional interaction throughout the day. Its IntelliForm back technology and advanced materiality embrace the user, providing consistent contact for personalized comfort. Appropriately scaled, Mimeo can be easily transported and visually integrated into multiple spaces. With its distinctive style and dynamic support, […]

The Ideal Ergonomic Positioning

Slouching, slumping or bending forward at the waist in a chair can lead to discomfort, fatigue and backache. Follow these guidelines to help prevent problems from occurring when sitting at your workstation. What have you found to be the most comfortable position for sitting at your desk?

Swingline – a cut above the rest

Concensys: the stronger, faster, friendlier solution

the perfect solution

Seat Yourself

Impression Adjustable Desk Systems

Sit/Stand Desk Benefits

By Chris Adams Standing desks offer many benefits for your health and ergonomics. So break free from the chains of sitting at a desk and stand up for your self. The first major benefit of using a standing desk is avoiding all of the negatives that make sitting at a desk bad for you. Additionally you see improvements in […]

Allsteel Acuity. you deserve it.

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