Happy Memorial Day!

memorial day

Happy Memorial Day to you! We will be closed for business Monday, May 25th to remember those who have served for our freedom. You will still be able to place orders on our website, and they will be delivered to you by Wednesday, the 27th. Shop online here. 

Welcome Britta!

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J2 Office Products would like to announce that Britta Joy has joined the J2 team as a Technology Account Manager. Britta brings a wealth of enthusiasm to our office. She previously worked in the hospitality industry, as a sales manager for Montana’s only four diamond resort.

Britta believes that the customer experience is very important, and is excited to provide companies with document solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

Britta is a Flathead Valley native, who enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, camping and biking.

If you would like to speak with Britta about office equipment for your company, you can reach her at 752-9813 or [email protected]

Please join us in welcoming Britta to the J2 team!

Mother’s Day

mothers dayHello to all you rock star mother’s out there. Wishing you a lovely mother’s day. Do something for yourself and enjoy the day.

– All of us at J2 Business Products

Recycled Products

drill down

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As you are shopping for office products in J2 Office Products online store, take note of the recycled symbol, it indicates items that are manufactured with recycled content.  If you wish to dig deeper into the recycled content per item that information (if available) can be found on the Technical Specs tab, under Miscellaneous. You can also view the Country of Origin, Post-consumer waste, and whether or not the item is Green Compliant. Another great way to shop the recycled products online is the drill down menu on the left. (Image 1) Click here to browse the green, recycled office supplies.

When shopping in our catalog, there are also recycled symbols next to items that contain recycled materials to make it easy to purchase green products. In the index there is a list of Recycled items for easy shopping. Also in the catalog, look for other icons to indicate products that are:  Greenguard compliant, Green Seal Certified, Energy Star Compliant, and SCS certified. You can do your part to celebrate Earth and reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing everyday office supplies that are recycled.


smead recycled folder
recycled scissorsnaturesaver paper
Shopping for Green products is easy! Click here to browse. 

Out with the old – New Phones


old phone

Hello! If you could please be patient with us this week as we are going through a transition of getting a new phone system! Better things are coming! We will soon have direct dial numbers for the majority of our staff, which will be convenient for immediately reaching the person you are looking for. In the meantime if you are having difficulty reaching us, please email [email protected]

Favorites Lists

Favorites Lists are a great way to curate items that you frequently purchase. J2 Office Products shopping website makes creating and managing favorites lists super easy.

Upon logging in you will find a link the top menu, and within that menu a list of all the favorites lists you have set up, and the Manage Favorites favorites menu


From the Manage Favorites Lists page you can create new favorites lists, edit or add items to your existing lists, or share your list!

As you are shopping around on J2 Office Products website you will also notice next to the Add to Cart button, an “add to favorites” button, which is really handy to add items you like to your favorites lists.

Once you have created your favorites lists, you can access them from the Favorites menu. Once you select the favorites list that you would like to view, you can select items to add to your cart of click the ‘Select All’ button to add the entire list to your cart!

St. Patty’s Day is coming up!


St. patricks Day office supplies


We have all kinds of green office supplies to keep you lucky this St. Patrick’s Day! Shop them here.

Quick Order Feature


quick order


One of my favorite features of our online ordering site is the ‘Quick Order’ Feature. Found at the top of the screen, it is the second menu item from the left, and I highly recommend checking it out. It is especially useful for those of you who regularly purchase items and you know the item numbers. Another great application is if you are the purchaser, and are inputting orders that have been sent to you, or if you use the catalog to shop. It is as simple as making a shopping list and then checking out.

The only piece of information you really need is the item number, input it into the designated (1) field, you are then able to change the quantity. If you shop for multiple departments there is a super handy [searchable] drop down (2) where you can specify which department you are order that particular line item for.

If you are a purchaser and imputing orders for multiple people, the comment (3) field is great. It is a spot where you can make notes about the order so you know where each item goes or if it is for a particular project.

When you have finished adding all of the items that you need simply add them to your cart, and complete the checkout screen as usual.quickorder

If you enter an item number incorrectly or a number that has multiple items associated with it, a drop down comes up asking you to choose the item that you are looking for. Also there are some settings you can manage, what function you would like the Enter button to serve, if you add items from the top or the bottom. I encourage you to play around with the Quick Order feature, it will make your office supply ordering much more efficient.

Saved Orders Feature

You are running low on office supplies. Again! Does it feel as though you are shopping for the same items all the time? More toner for your printer, more file folders, more sticky notes. I have developed this really handy trick, using the Saved Orders Feature. To begin, fill your shopping cart with the items you would commonly purchase on a monthly or weekly basis.

After you have finished, on the bottom left there is a button “Saved Order”, click there. A dialog box will appear, type in a descriptive name for your list. save orderThis list will now appear in your saved orders. To navigate to the saved orders, on the top right corner, on the drop down menu “My Accounts” click Saved Orders. There you can view the saved order you just created. In order for it to be helpful when ordering supplies next week or month choose the Copy to Cart button. You will then be able to edit the quantities or items in your cart, and place your order.

The next time you run out of those supplies, all you will need to do it go to your saved orders and copy the list to the cart! It is a great time saving method, and will simplify your office supply shopping.

Items Recently Viewed

Over on www.J2op.com there are some exciting things happening. More updates and improvements! One I’m really excited about is the fact that you are now able to see the items you have recently viewed on the sidebar. It is helpful if you need to reorder an item that has been recently purchased, or doing research and decide on an item that was previously viewed.

Items Recently Viewed

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