Why Pay More?


Throw Out Your Mop and Save Money With A Floor Scrubber!

When you made up this year’s budget, how much did you calculate saving on labor? For cleaning businesses, labor costs account for approximately 80% of expenses.

Here’s one idea to save, while maintaining productivity. Upgrade your machines to a faster, more efficient arsenal of commercial cleaning equipment.

Did you know that it takes a worker 14 hours to clean 50,000 square feet with a mop and bucket?

Whereas a walk-behind scrubber, such as Tornado’s BR 18/11 floor scrubber, can finish the same sized job in about three hours. At $15.00 per hour, this investment would pay for itself in under two months. For a reasonable, upfront, cost, cleaning businesses can cut expenses and create more time. As we all know, more time equals the ability to take on more customers.

A mop and bucket is deceptively over priced, considering what you could have purchased. This year make more money and throw away that old mop. Give your workers a tool that can virtually triple productivity!


50,000 Square Feet at $15.00 an Hour: Mop vs Scrubber

In just a few short months, the right scrubber can pay for itself. The proof is in the numbers. Often times, BSCs will find themselves fighting low margins and cut spending in the important areas, such as equipment. With a second glance, we trust you’ll see he earning potential behind machines that save on labor and open the doors to new customer opportunities.


Sq Ft per Hour
Total Hours
Monthly Labor Cost
Annual Labor Cost
ROI (months)
EZ 24
EZ 20
EZ20 T


What Customers Say After Upgrading

Even business owners tasked with cleaning their own establishments are trying to improve productivity and efficiency. To save money, this restaurant leaned on Tornado for the right product. You’ll see their glowing opinions of performance and usability. Check out the case study now, or even try ourLabor Savings Calculator to see what a new floor scrubber can do for you.

In Conclusion

Acquiring high quality, commercial cleaning equipment is a great way to retain customers. Tornado’s floor scrubbers provide the type of efficient cleaning that promotes customer loyalty. As you accommodate a customer’s busy schedule, using less resources, while deeply cleaning their floors at three times the pace, you’re earning the respect the business deserves.

To request information about floor scrubbers from J2, email [email protected] or call 752-8520.

User Manuals

whats new48-07When shopping around on shopj2op.com, you have access to some whats new40of the products User Manuals. To access the user manual, click the icon that says User Manual under the photo of the item.

The user manual link is great if you have misplaced the user manual that was delivered with the item when you purchased it.

Keep in mind, not all items available on our website have user manuals. If you are looking for a certain user manual, and not finding it on our site, try the manufacturer’s website.

Go to www.shopj2.com, and search for the item which user manual you’re after.

Items Recently Purchased Feature

This useful feature allows you to view purchased items for the past 180 days. You can easily view the quantity & the last date the item was purchased. On the Items Recently Purchased page, you can filter the list by order or item number within a range of 1 to 180 days. An additional popup window lets you view the purchased item’s date, order number, item quantity, price, and account and department for the last five orders. Recently purchased item tracking begins with the first order the shopper submits after January 17, 2016. Tracking is not retroactive for previous orders.

To access the Items Recently Purchased:

  1. Login to j2op1.com
  2. Hover your cursor over My Accounts and click Items Recently Purchased
  3. The Items Recently Purchased page lets you perform the same functions as other web pages, including the ability to view items in detailed or summary views, using category options, adding items to favorites lists, as well as to the cart, and so on. However, it adds the ability to view the date when the item was last purchased.recent
  4. You are able to hover over the “Recent”button to view the order date, qty ordered, account and department information.

Inventory Time!

whats new42-06

This Friday we will be closed for inventory at our 2185 US Hwy 2 East, Evergreen location. Our online store is also closed Friday due to inventory.

To place your order you can e-mail [email protected], fax 406-752-6906 or call 752-8520.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Post-it Monsters

Don Kenn creates these awesome post-it note monster illustrations, with a crazy amount of detail. don kenn


To create your own Post-it Notes monster illustrations, get started by ordering some post-its, we have varying sizes and colors. Click here to purchase your canvas!  If you’d like more inspiration and to view more of the Post-it monsters, click here.



Pink Me Up!

pinkme up

J2 has been involved with Pink Me Up! for the past few years, and every year it has been a blast. It is a fabulous cause, and a great event for the whole family.


pink me up J2

Chris, Britta’s husband who is currently battling cancer, Britta, Cheryl, John, Jennifer, and Jack did their best to get Pinked up!

Printing Invoices Online

You are able to view order history, my account menu-03generate invoice copies, and view credits using the Order History feature. Order History is accessible from the My Accounts

If you do not see the invoice that you are looking for on the initial History page, there is also a Search tab, which allows you to narrow down your invoice search by date, department, item number, or Purchase Order Number.

invoice icon-02Once the invoice you are looking for has been found, there is a plus button next to the invoice number, which can be expanded to view the line items on the invoice. A handy feature I really like is the Add to Cart button, if you would like to re-order the same item. You can click the check mark next to one or multiple invoices, and then select Print to print copies of your invoice.

Need help creating an online account? Click here.


Happy 4th of July!

fourth-of-julyWe hope you all have a fabulous, safe Fourth of July weekend. Keep in mind the recent ban on fireworks as you celebrate. Click here for details


Meet Mimeo

MimeoDesignStory-2MimeoDesignStory-1 MimeoDesignStory-3

MimeoDesignStory-4 MimeoDesignStory-5 MimeoDesignStory-6 MimeoDesignStory-7 MimeoDesignStory-8



The Mimeo chair supports the changing workplace by enabling unrestricted movement and cross-functional interaction throughout the day. Its IntelliForm back technology and advanced materiality embrace the user, providing consistent contact for personalized comfort. Appropriately scaled, Mimeo can be easily transported and visually integrated into multiple spaces. With its distinctive style and dynamic support, Mimeo delivers the spirit of design and performance that moves companies forward.

Watch this video to learn more about the Mimeo chair:


Come in to the J2 Showroom today to test out the Mimeo chair and view the different fabric swatches it is available in!


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