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Recurring Orders

It’s here!! The time is now. You can order your copy paper, kitchen roll towels and your favorite pens on a recurring order. You’ll never run out of those important items again.   Setting up recurring orders is easy! Login to Add items you’d like to be on a recurring order to your cart. […]

See How J2 Compares with the Competition

J2 Office Products compares prices with Quell and Staples. Save 38% or 43% more with J2 than the competitors! Why spend more when you can shop local and experience excellent customer service? J2 Office Products offers free delivery, an online store, experienced account managers, and J2 is community involved.  SHOP NOW –     […]

Beware the Toner Pirates

Every day, scores of businesses are defrauded of hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars by smooth-talking scam artists who seem to know a lot about their office copiers.  Called toner phoners or toner pirates, the crooks hawk toner and cartridges for copy machines to unsuspecting businesses over the telephone.  When the goods are delivered, they’re overpriced, […]

Allsteel at Neocon 2017

Check out the latest products from Allsteel, on display at Neocon, the commercial furniture and design show in Chicago. Allsteel Approach Desking, Mind Share Bench, Mimeo Task Chair, Beyond Glass Walls Parallel Couch + Benches  Vicinity Cafe Seating, Vicinity Tables, Mind Share Bench Retreat Soft Seating, Transfer Side Table Parallel Sofa, Vicinity Lounge

Antiseptic, Antimicrobial, What?!

What is the difference between Antiseptic, Antimicrobial and Germicidal? Is one better than the other? There is no difference.  These terms are interchangeable. No one is better than the other because they all mean the same thing. Only a person’s preference for a term would make one product more acceptable. It does not make that […]

Meet the J2 Support Crew!

We are here to support you. If you need any assistance please give us a call at (406)752-8520 or email [email protected]                                     We’re happy to answer any questions you have regarding current orders, past orders or placing an […]

Guide to Online Store Experience

  J2 Business Products loves the online store shopping experience and would like to make it as streamlined as possible for you. Here are some tips and some of our favorite features explained. Quick Order is a quick and efficient way to place orders if you know the item numbers for the products you’re purchasing. […]

The CV30

One of the Industry’s Top Selling Commercial Upright Vacuums. Tornado’s CV 30 is CRI certified making our industry leading upright vacuum even better. This rating further cements the CV 30 as one of the industry’s top upright vacuums when it comes to performance, productivity and protecting the health and safety of building occupants. But why […]

Why Pay More?

Throw Out Your Mop and Save Money With A Floor Scrubber!

When you made up this year’s budget, how much did you calculate saving on labor? For cleaning businesses, labor costs account for approximately 80% of expenses. Here’s one idea to save, while maintaining productivity. Upgrade your machines to a faster, more efficient arsenal of commercial cleaning equipment. Did you know that it takes a worker 14 […]

User Manuals

When shopping around on, you have access to some of the products User Manuals. To access the user manual, click the icon that says User Manual under the photo of the item. The user manual link is great if you have misplaced the user manual that was delivered with the item when you purchased it. Keep in mind, […]

Items Recently Purchased Feature

This useful feature allows you to view purchased items for the past 180 days. You can easily view the quantity & the last date the item was purchased. On the Items Recently Purchased page, you can filter the list by order or item number within a range of 1 to 180 days. An additional popup window […]

Inventory Time!

This Friday we will be closed for inventory at our 2185 US Hwy 2 East, Evergreen location. Our online store is also closed Friday due to inventory. To place your order you can e-mail [email protected], fax 406-752-6906 or call 752-8520.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Post-it Monsters

Don Kenn creates these awesome post-it note monster illustrations, with a crazy amount of detail.  To create your own Post-it Notes monster illustrations, get started by ordering some post-its, we have varying sizes and colors. Click here to purchase your canvas!  If you’d like more inspiration and to view more of the Post-it monsters, click here. […]

Pink Me Up!

J2 has been involved with Pink Me Up! for the past few years, and every year it has been a blast. It is a fabulous cause, and a great event for the whole family.   Chris, Britta’s husband who is currently battling cancer, Britta, Cheryl, John, Jennifer, and Jack did their best to get Pinked up!

Printing Invoices Online

You are able to view order history, generate invoice copies, and view credits using the Order History feature. Order History is accessible from the My Accounts menu. If you do not see the invoice that you are looking for on the initial History page, there is also a Search tab, which allows you to narrow down your […]

Happy 4th of July!

We hope you all have a fabulous, safe Fourth of July weekend. Keep in mind the recent ban on fireworks as you celebrate. Click here for details  

Meet Mimeo

    The Mimeo chair supports the changing workplace by enabling unrestricted movement and cross-functional interaction throughout the day. Its IntelliForm back technology and advanced materiality embrace the user, providing consistent contact for personalized comfort. Appropriately scaled, Mimeo can be easily transported and visually integrated into multiple spaces. With its distinctive style and dynamic support, […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to you! We will be closed for business Monday, May 25th to remember those who have served for our freedom. You will still be able to place orders on our website, and they will be delivered to you by Wednesday, the 27th. Shop online here. 

Welcome Britta!

J2 Office Products would like to announce that Britta Joy has joined the J2 team as a Technology Account Manager. Britta brings a wealth of enthusiasm to our office. She previously worked in the hospitality industry, as a sales manager for Montana’s only four diamond resort. Britta believes that the customer experience is very important, and is excited […]

Mother’s Day

Hello to all you rock star mother’s out there. Wishing you a lovely mother’s day. Do something for yourself and enjoy the day. – All of us at J2 Business Products

Recycled Products

As you are shopping for office products in J2 Office Products online store, take note of the recycled symbol, it indicates items that are manufactured with recycled content.  If you wish to dig deeper into the recycled content per item that information (if available) can be found on the Technical Specs tab, under Miscellaneous. You can also […]

Out with the old – New Phones

  Hello! If you could please be patient with us this week as we are going through a transition of getting a new phone system! Better things are coming! We will soon have direct dial numbers for the majority of our staff, which will be convenient for immediately reaching the person you are looking for. […]

Favorites Lists

Favorites Lists are a great way to curate items that you frequently purchase. J2 Office Products shopping website makes creating and managing favorites lists super easy. Upon logging in you will find a link the top menu, and within that menu a list of all the favorites lists you have set up, and the Manage […]

St. Patty’s Day is coming up!

    We have all kinds of green office supplies to keep you lucky this St. Patrick’s Day! Shop them here.

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