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How much money can we save you?

  J2 Office Products offers competitive pricing, free delivery, great customer service,  volume discounts, charge accounts, convenient online ordering, and price matching! We can save you loads of money on your ink & toner and paper! If you would like a custom price comparison with the items you frequently purchase don’t hesitate to email () […]

Tap Tap Tap – this accounting calculator is speedy fast

A Splash of Green for your Office!

Start May Fresh

The Ideal Ergonomic Positioning

Slouching, slumping or bending forward at the waist in a chair can lead to discomfort, fatigue and backache. Follow these guidelines to help prevent problems from occurring when sitting at your workstation. What have you found to be the most comfortable position for sitting at your desk?

Happy Earth Day!

File Away for Another Day

Beware the toner pirates

Every day, scores of businesses are defrauded of hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars by smooth-talking scam artists who seem to know a lot about their office copiers. Called toner phoners or toner pirates, the crooks hawk toner and cartridges for copy machines to unsuspecting businesses over the telephone.  When the goods are delivered, they’re overpriced, […]

Office Yoga

The Yoga Journal has done a wonderful Office Yoga series of videos. All the videos are under two minutes, and are a great way to relieve stress and get rid of some tension! Each pose can be done at your desk and are a good excuse to stand up and get out of your chair. […]

Swingline – a cut above the rest

Concensys: the stronger, faster, friendlier solution

Precision Engineered mx-m363

KEY FEATURES High resolution touch-screen color display (N models) Award-winning retractable keyboard (N models) Intuitive menu with icon-driven instructions Document filing with thumbnail and page preview (N models) Supports latest industry security standards Advanced web-based device management Sharp OSA® technology – streamline workflow (N models) Precision engineered to help increase workflow efficiency and provide exceptional image […]

Hippity hoppity pens are on their way

the perfect solution

Free Vera Bradley Tote!

Offer expires 6/30/13

Hercules can be your hero too

The MX-M904 is Sharp’s new top of the line high speed monochrome document system. 90-ppm digital MFP Flexible modular design offers a variety of configurations from small to large Standard 250-sheet Duplexing Single Pass Feeder with Scan2™ Designed for both High-Volume Office and Light-Production Environments Powerful multi-processor controller designed to quickly execute complex copy, print and […]

Seat Yourself

Card Reader Cleaner

Impression Adjustable Desk Systems

Sit/Stand Desk Benefits

By Chris Adams Standing desks offer many benefits for your health and ergonomics. So break free from the chains of sitting at a desk and stand up for your self. The first major benefit of using a standing desk is avoiding all of the negatives that make sitting at a desk bad for you. Additionally you see improvements in […]

Keep your devices shiny with these wipes

Run your business more smoothly: the MX-2615N

If you’re looking for a way to run your business more smoothly, the MX-2615N/3115N—with all the essential copy, print, color network scan functions and a convenient fax option—is the new value-laden choice. The MX-2615N/3115N is an attractive, user-friendly addition to any workplace. To move your business forward, these full-color A3 MFPs from Sharp are the […]

Fellowes Designer Suites Monitor Rise

Increase productivity and comfort with a Keyboard Tray

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Protect your documents

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