Recurring Orders

It’s here!! The time is now. You can order your copy paper, kitchen roll towels and your favorite pens on a recurring order. You’ll never run out of those important items again.


Setting up recurring orders is easy!

  1. Login to
  2. Add items you’d like to be on a recurring order to your cart.
  3. Click checkout
  4. Click Yes! Start a Recurring Order
  5. Select frequency from drop down menu
  6. Click Place Order. You’re initial order will be placed immediately and you’ll also receive a recurring order reference name for the recurring orders.
  7. You’ll receive two emails after you place your order. One will confirm your first order, the second will confirm the creation of a recurring order.

Editing Recurring Orders

  1. You can make changes to your recurring order by browsing to My Accounts –> Manage Recurring Orders
  2. Click on the Recurring Order number to access the edit screen.
  3. You can edit any of the following fields here: Order Name, Order Frequency, Next Order Date, Account, Shipping Address, Specify Purchase Order, Additional Instructions, Payment Method, Edit/Add/Delete items,  or Delete the Recurring Order

Adding Items to an Existing Recurring Order

  1. Log into the online store
  2. Select My Account, Manage Recurring Orders
  3. Select desired Recurring Order Name
  4. Scroll to bottom of Manage Recurring Order screen
  5. Select Add New Items
  6. Browse to desired item
  7. Underneath the item, select Add To Order (make sure correct Recurring Order is selected in drop down menu)

You will receive an advanced email notification based on the settings you chose in your recurring order set up.

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