The CV30

One of the Industry’s Top Selling Commercial Upright Vacuums.

unnamedTornado’s CV 30 is CRI certified making our industry leading upright vacuum even better. This rating further cements the CV 30 as one of the industry’s top upright vacuums when it comes to performance, productivity and protecting the health and safety of building occupants. But why not see for yourself?

  • Developed hand-in-hand with a major hotel chain and one of the largest users of commercial vacuums in North America
  • Thousands and thousands of satisfied users
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) Certified
  • True Commercial Quality
  • The envy of competitors
  • Hospital quiet at 66 dB


c3e5a1b4-075e-4467-8566-1bc625ebd2f7 1. Ergonomic Grip

Enclosed grip allows for multiple hand positioning.

2. Versatile Hose Attachment

With onbard tools, detailing cleaning is a breeze. A unique hose strain relief prevents hose kinking and cracking that is common on compet
itors’ units.

3. Easy Access Cover

Rugged front cover seals to contain fine particulates and dust. If the filters are not properly in place, the front cover will not close.

4. Built to Last

Rugged polypropylene base with non-marking injection molded rubber bumper built right in.

5. Innovative Wheel Design

Exclusively engineered, shock-absorbing wheels are quiet and agile on any surface.

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