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As you are shopping for office products in J2 Office Products online store, take note of the recycled symbol, it indicates items that are manufactured with recycled content.  If you wish to dig deeper into the recycled content per item that information (if available) can be found on the Technical Specs tab, under Miscellaneous. You can also view the Country of Origin, Post-consumer waste, and whether or not the item is Green Compliant. Another great way to shop the recycled products online is the drill down menu on the left. (Image 1) Click here to browse the green, recycled office supplies.

When shopping in our catalog, there are also recycled symbols next to items that contain recycled materials to make it easy to purchase green products. In the index there is a list of Recycled items for easy shopping. Also in the catalog, look for other icons to indicate products that are:  Greenguard compliant, Green Seal Certified, Energy Star Compliant, and SCS certified. You can do your part to celebrate Earth and reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing everyday office supplies that are recycled.


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Shopping for Green products is easy! Click here to browse. 

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