Saved Orders Feature

You are running low on office supplies. Again! Does it feel as though you are shopping for the same items all the time? More toner for your printer, more file folders, more sticky notes. I have developed this really handy trick, using the Saved Orders Feature. To begin, fill your shopping cart with the items you would commonly purchase on a monthly or weekly basis.

After you have finished, on the bottom left there is a button “Saved Order”, click there. A dialog box will appear, type in a descriptive name for your list. save orderThis list will now appear in your saved orders. To navigate to the saved orders, on the top right corner, on the drop down menu “My Accounts” click Saved Orders. There you can view the saved order you just created. In order for it to be helpful when ordering supplies next week or month choose the Copy to Cart button. You will then be able to edit the quantities or items in your cart, and place your order.

The next time you run out of those supplies, all you will need to do it go to your saved orders and copy the list to the cart! It is a great time saving method, and will simplify your office supply shopping.

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