How to measure a ring binder

 1. Choose the right application

Presentation Binders: For proposals, presentations and reports.presentation folder

Reference Binders: For frequently used documents, like manuals and files. avery reference binder

Storage Binders: For documents that are accessed infrequently like annual records. storage binder

2. Choose the ring style to fit your needsring binder type

Round Ring is the most common. Standard capacity. Ring is usually mounted to the spine.

Slant Ring holds up to 25% more than round ring. Ring is mounted to the back cover so pages lie flat.

EZD Ring provides increased capacity vs. same size slant and round rings. Pages turn easily with Gap Free rings.

Gapless Ring has no gaps. Page flow smoothly and rings will not open if binder is dropped.

3. Select the correct size binder

Capacity Guide

ring binder size

*Binder size determined by ring size not spine size.

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