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Standing desks offer many benefits for your health and ergonomics. So break free from the chains of sitting at a desk and stand up for your self. The first major benefit of using a standing desk is avoiding all of the negatives that make sitting at a desk bad for you.

Additionally you see improvements in a lot of other areas. Using a standing desk benefits your health dramatically. When sitting for long periods of time you suffer from a lot of metabolic problems, you don’t produce chemicals necessary for processing sugars and fats and your circulation suffers. Your skeleton and muscles form a reactive frame for your body. It wants to move and respond to outside forces. Additionally your muscles need to regularly flex to support healthy functions and chemical production.

Standing allows your body to adjust and move easily flexing your muscles continuously. It also keeps your blood circulating well. All this keeps your blood sugar better regulated and keeps your blood pressure lower. And it lets you live longer.

Sitting increases your chances for developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and blood clots orthrombosis. Studies have shown some dramatic effects of sitting for long periods of time. Those who sit a lot are 54% more likely to have a heart attack. Men who sit more than 6 hours a day have a 20% higher mortality rate. Women have a 40% higher mortality rate. If you sit for more than 23 hours a week you are 64% more likely to die from heart disease.

What more, studies have also shown that regular exercise does not counteract the effects of prolonged sitting. The only way to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of prolonged sitting is to not do it. Working at a standing desk will accomplish that for most people.

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